About the Organization 

About the Founder


Emma White, CEO & Founder 

Founder Emma White developed suicidal depression at age 15 due to bullying and harassment at school and on social media. With family, friends and professional help, Emma overcame her struggles and lives to tell her story to help encourage others that life is worth the heartbreaks, uncertainty and struggles- that ultimately, life is worth it.  By sharing her story and self-help guide, Emma proves that fighting for your life amidst the pain won't always be easy, but will always be worth it.

A few of Emma's Recent Speaking Engagements Include: 

  • Keynote speaker for 'Dodge for a Cause' Prevention Event 

  • NASC (Nevada Association for Student Council) 'Let's Talk' YouTube Series 

  • #ICanHelp Mental Health Panel 

  • Keynote speaker for Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention Annual Walk 

  • Washoe County School District Virtual Town Hall 

  • Hope Means Nevada Mental Wellness for Educators 

  • KTVN Channel 2 Someone 2 Know Segment 

  • Southern NASC Mental Wellness Workshop 

  • Jersey Mike's 2021 Sub Abover Grant Winner 






Interested in hiring Emma to speak at your event? Send a message below to discuss availability and pricing! 

Life Is Worth It LLC prevents teen suicide. Not only does our website serve as a hub of mental health resources, it features self-help readings, videos and a community of survivors for inspiration to keep fighting. We are proud to offer our L.I.V.E. Model Workshop, as well as Confidence Workshops. 

What makes us different?

There are many mental health non-profits out there who do great work, however we are different in that we are an LLC and self-funded. We do not aim to rely on government or private grants to provide life-saving help. We are an organization founded by real people with real mental illness, not aiming to make a profit off of people's struggles, but rather, using our profits to put back into the community. Doing this is a full time job. We believe depression and suicide affects all people during their lives, and it's helpful to have a real person with a real survivor story to walk you through overcoming it, rather than slogans and fluffy campaigns. 

About the L.I.V.E. Model Workshop

Built upon the #ItsNotOKbutItWillBe self-help book, LifeisWorthIt.org provides in person and virtual workshops for schools and athletic/club organizations. We also host monthly workshops on related topics for the public at a cost effective rate, which are first come, first serve. 

What does the workshop look like? 

The workshop is based on the four-part L.I.V.E. Model, created by our team, backed with psychology and mixed with real life experience. The workshop guides teens through a 4 step process to recognizing their emotions, researching for help and living the life made for them. We do not act as therapists, rather, we give real resources and provide an emotionally safe space for them to be open about their struggles. Our goal is to reach them BEFORE suicide crosses their minds, not after a teen has attempted. 

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