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"It's Not OK, but It Will Be" is the autobiography and self-help book from founder Emma White. To launch the book,  filmed a group of courageous survivors of suicide who wanted to share their story in their own words. 

Join us in the campaign, #ItsNotOKbutItWillBe to promote mental health wellness and to end the stigmas surrounding depression and suicide. By including the hashtag in your social media posts, you will help spread awareness to others to remind them that their pain is temporary and that with the proper resources, they can overcome their trauma and live

the life made for them. 

Watch the campaign video below! 

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It's Not OK, but It Will Be 

How I Survived Suicidal Depression & You Can Too 


"I was 15 when I decided I did not want to live anymore."

As I lay on my back staring into the darkness of my bedroom ceiling, I knew it was time for tears. What felt like minutes turned into hours. Hours of listening to the sad song playlist I had created over my four months of depression. Hours of silent cries that had been held inside all day until I could find myself alone at night to scream in to the blackness. 

Could I jump off the second-story balcony outside my bedroom? Could I drown myself in the bathtub? Undecided. But the eagerness was there. Not the eagerness to be dead. The eagerness to erase the pain... 

HELLO, my name is Emma.

This is my story of depression and suicide, and how I overcame it. You can too." 

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